Hello! I'm Yuchan Ding
Beijing, China


My Story




July 2017- July 2018

Independently completing client account management, account optimization, platform services, data analysis and report feedback.
Real time monitoring of the effects of advertisements etc.

March 2015 - December 2016

Publication efforts, finding partners such as Mcdonalds, Alibaba, Haagen-Daz etc.,
contacting 35+ fixed traditional public media journalists to advertise our company.

July 2015 - August 2015

Gained a certificate of volunteer experience, giving an environment protection speech in a primary school, visiting the tea factory,
acquiring the tea manufacture process, planting trees.


I want to be an excellent advertiser in
an International social network company like
Microsoft, Facebook, Alibaba or Bytesdance etc.
After making efforts,
I want to be a product manager or marketing manager
in the area of advertising.